Karen Kripalani
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Family Services
Friends, Couples and Families - Enjoy recording special events and everyday memories with a photo shoot and/or DVD slideshow movie. Capture your family’s growth, protect the memory of family reunions, and treasure your history. Tell the story of your ancestor’s lives, your children’s lives and your friendships. With a personalized slideshow movie you document and share your memories with others and future generations.


Documentary Services
Travel Adventurers, Non-Profits and Corporations - Benefit from having your retreat, pleasure or business trip documented with still photos and presented to you on a DVD slideshow movie. This is a great way to preserve your memories, raise money for your charity, or educate your employees/sponsors on the progress of your business in other parts of the world.


Manifesting Abundance DVD
The movie "The Secret" has made The Law of Attraction very popular. Put "The Law" to work for you. Have Karen help you create the life you have always dreamed of. Bring your manifestation board to life by creating a personalized DVD slideshow movie from existing images and/or an abundance photo shoot with Karen. You are the scriptwriter of your life. "See your success" as you watch your story unfold before you in the DVD movie of your life to be!


Some of your most valuable possessions are your cherished memories. Don’t let these precious moments pass by forever without recording and preserving them.